Bronze Two Piece, Full Bore PN25

Bronze Two Piece, Full Bore PN25

Model No: MV10-11228
Bronze Two Piece, Full Bore PN25

Material Specifications

  Component Material
1 Seat Retainer Bronze CC491K
2 Gasket PTFE
3 Seat PTFE
4 Ball Brass CW614N
5 Body Bronze CC491K
6 Stem Brass CW614N
7 Stem Gasket PTFE
8 Packing PTFE
9 Gland Nut Brass CW614N
10 Lever Mild steel
11 Lever Cover PVC
12 Gasket Steel
13 Lever Nut Brass CW614N
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Pressure Rating: PN25
Coonections: BS EN 10226-2 Taper Threaded (ex BS21)
Working Medium: Water, Oil, Steam
Two Piece Body, Full Bore Chrome Plated Ball
Blow Out Proof Stem , PTFE Seats and Stem Seals
On Request: NPT Threads, (subject to minimum order quantities)
Hydrostatic Test Pressure
Shell – 37.5 bar
Seat – 27.5 bar
Working Temperature
25 Bar -10° C to 110° C water
WRAS approved -10° C to 85° C