Ductile Iron, Non-Rising Stem PN25

Ductile Iron, Non-Rising Stem PN25

Model No: MV40-1225
Ductile Iron, Non-Rising Stem PN25

Material Specifications

  Component Material
1 Body Ductile Iron
2 Wedge Ductile Iron
3 Body Seat Ring Bronze
4 Wedge Seat Ring Bronze
5 Bonnet Ductile Iron
6 Stem Brass / SS410
7 Stuffing box Cast Iron
8 Hand Wheel Carbon Steel
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Design BS EN 1171 (ex BS 5150)
Rating: PN25
Connection: Flanged BS EN1092-2,PN25 (ex BS 4504)
Working Medium Water, Oil, Steam
Non-rising stem, Inside Screw
Bolted Bonnet, Single Piece Wedge
Raised Face Flanges
On Request: ANSI standards (subject to minimum order quantities).
Hydrostatic Test Pressure
Shell- 37.5 bar
Seat- 27.5 bar
Working Temperature
25 Bar -10° C to 100° C water