Maplef MSM

Maplef MSM

Model No: Maplef MSM
Maplef MSM

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Pressure Independent Control
Valves 50-250 mm / 2” – 10”

The MSM series is a range of self-balancing dynamic flow control valves that are pressure independent and 2-way and ready to accept digital or analog input signals. Each valve has an adjustable maximum flow rate setting to enable flow limitation to and balancing of the coil or zone which the valve is controlling.

All MSM actuators are microprocessor based with a self-calibrating feature. The MSM actuator range includes standard incl. feedback, failsafe and BACnet. All MSM actuators are programmable and with display. The MSM actuators accept analog 0(2)-10V DC or 0(4)-20mA as well as digital 3-point floating or 2-position input signals and work with selectable control mode of Linear flow, Equal percentage, Linear rotation or Linear signal.
The larger range of MSM-valves are all designed for double flange connection. They are available in four different valve body sizes. All shall have snap connection for fast mounting of actuator.