Swing Check Valve with Lever and Weight PN16

Swing Check Valve with Lever and Weight PN16

Model No: MV30-311-LW
Swing Check Valve with Lever and Weight PN16

Material Specifications

  Component Material
1 Stud Carbon Steel
2 Nut Carbon Steel
3 Gasket Graphite
4 Cover Ductile Iron
5 Key SS304
6 Body Ductile Iron
7 Seat SS304
8 Split Pin SS304
9 Nut SS
10 Disc Ductile Iron
11 Disc Ring EPDM
12 Bolt SS
13 Shaft SS304
14 Hinge Ductile Iron
15 Packing Ring Brass
16 Packing PTFE
17 Gland Ductile Iron
18 Washer Carbon Steel
19 Eye Ring Carbon Steel
20 Bolt Carbon Steel
21 Plug Carbon Steel
22 Connect Part WCB
23 Bolt Carbon Steel
24 Bolt Carbon Steel
25 Washer Carbon Steel
26 Hanger SS410
27 Weight Cast Iron
28 Bolt Carbon Steel
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Design BS5153
Rating PN16
Connection Flanged to BS EN1092-2, PN16 (ex BS4504)
Working Medium Water, Oil and Steam
Bronze Trim, Horizontal Swing Pattern , Lever &
Weight, Bolted Cover, Suitable for mounting in
horizontal and vertical pipe (with vertical flow
On Request:ANSI Standard (subject to minimum order quantities)
Hydrostatic Test Pressure
Shell- 24 bar
Seat- 17.6 bar
Working Temperature
16 Bar -10° C to 110° C water